Meet The Expert

I have been a “Prepper” for as long as I can remember. As a child, my father trained me to trail ride competitively in rural Colorado for 3 to 5 day stretches. During these trips, I was required to learn self-sufficiency. I learned the essentials: risk management, hunting, emergency rescue, first aid, survival, shelter building, and fishing skills to name a few. The life lessons I acquired as a child paid off; making my time in the Military priceless by honing my abilities even further with extensive combat and rescue skills in the Special Forces. I learned to prepare for the worst and hope for the best while making prepping a lifestyle.
My passion is to share knowledge, ideas and strategies on self-sufficiency and preparedness in relation to what is REALLY going on in our world. I have been watching world trends since I could understand the word “survival”. Weather- wise, economy-wise, history-wise and prophetic-wise, I have seen what is upon us in the near future and I am getting myself and my family prepared.

My goal is to dispel the negative stereotypes that exist in opposition to prepping so that others may feel more confident to take action and become more self-reliant. While I have a positive outlook on life, I realize that by taking action in our current environment rather than sticking our head in the sand, we can all generate feelings of confidence and security in our lives.

Besides being a veteran, I have owned a couple of successful businesses. One being the largest Vision Board [] in the world which led me to be appear as an expert in a couple of movies and books. People who know me are perplexed that I have these two sides…but as I explain, being prepared is not a bad or negative thing. I view it as a positive. It gives me the peace of mind and the knowledge that I can handle anything that comes my way. True survival.

One way I am spreading my passion, is bringing American made innovative products to market. Over the last 6 months, I have invented a couple of products for preparedness and survival. My first product, The Crovel, has been featured in Men’s Journal, Maxim, Details magazine, DIY Network, National Geographic, Coast to Coast, Wall Street Journal and Reuters to name a few. I have also launched a website that offers expert hand selected and tested outdoor and survival products-

My hope, along with other like-minded individuals, is to empower as many people as possible to recognize that we create and can alter what we focus on. We recognize that there is a very important difference between worrying about current issues and seeking successful solutions to give us peace of mind. Being proactive rather than reactive is the key. Remember, if we don't give time or attention to problems they will gnaw at us until we take action. Knowledge is a good place to start… Action and practice will follow.

Tim Ralston