Tips for Prepping Your Vehicle

Tips for Prepping Your Vehicle

31st Mar 2022


We spend a lot of time in our vehicles, which is one of the reasons they should be prepared with items essential to survival. During this past winter, we witnessed many instances of the weather causing extreme traffic jams. Motorists trapped in their cars for extended periods of time during freezing temperatures and multi-car collisions bringing all traffic to a dead stop. Many of these drivers were unprepared to spend 2, 6, even 12 hours in their car. Suffering due to a lack of supplies, some chose to flee their vehicles entirely - creating even worse conditions. It is because of these unpredictable situations that we at Gear Up Center stress preparedness.

Another reason why your vehicle should always be prepared is because of how quickly chaos can occur. If you were in a situation where you needed to bug out, it would be beneficial to have your car packed and ready to go. Think of your vehicle as your home on wheels and your traveling safety net. It should contain all of the important items you and your family need to stay safe, comfortable, and most importantly survive

We have made a suggested list of items to store in your vehicle at all times:


  • Food Supply- 3 days’ worth of non-perishable items such as, peanut butter, trail mix, crackers, canned fruits, veggies, or meats. Be sure to include a way to open these items and - Be sure to monitor dates on foods, as some expire sooner than others.


  • Water Supply- Every person is required a gallon a day of water when preparing. For this reason, your car should be stocked with a 3-day supply for each person. Keep your water fresh by keeping it out of direct sunlight, swapping it out every several months. Change your water even more frequently if the temperature in your area regularly exceeds 85 degrees Fahrenheit.


  • First Aid Kit- Including band aids, antiseptic spray, soap, a thermometer, gauze, scissors, gloves, needles, safety pins, medical tape and non-prescription medications.


  • Automobile Supplies- Every vehicle should be stocked with repair and safety items such as, flashlight with extra batteries, glass punch, seatbelt cutter, signal flares or high-visibility caution sign, extra motor oil and anti-freeze, a small toolbox with tools tailored to your vehicle, jumper cables, tow cables, tire pressure gauge, tire inflator, tire-repair kit, small shovel, cat litter, ice scraper and a good pair of gloves never hurt either.


  • Personal Items- These items are essential for comfort, hygiene, and unforeseen situations. Each person should evaluate individual needs and choose only what is necessary. Some suggested items are toilet paper, paper towels, baby supplies, medications, emergency cash and checks, blankets, flash drive containing copies of important documents, female hygiene products, writing instruments and paper.

Checkout our website to discover more items to help you achieve total car preparedness!


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